Friday, August 17, 2012

My 'Firstest' Blog Tour and I'm Psyched!

Things have been a bit nutso as of I have so many things I want to say....but if I try and spit it all out now, it might sound like some strange form of tourets so I'll try to be coherent (bear with me!)

First and Foremost-
You have all been so totally amazing. Even though we've never 'physically' met, I feel connected to each and every one of you! You make my Sun Shinier and my Skies Bluer! I love you all and feel your energy ;-)

Second, but still Rad-
Supagirl Book Tours is hosting my firstest eva blog tour....yep yep! Heather is completely fantastic and is doing such a great job helping me along. She is super patient and has lots of supa ideas and mad skills! I'm lucky she agreed to take me on, being that I'm a newbie at marketing.

This is the Banner she made me! I LoVe It....soo purdy!