Saturday, September 22, 2012

My 1st LIVE Interview Scheduled!

Next on the journey for me, in the land of social networking...a live interview on the facebook! I'm a bit nervous, but completely excited at the same time!! See, I'm getting more and more comfortable with blogging....I think it may have something to do with the fact that I still feel invisible. It feels like I can say whatever I'm really thinking and be completely honest with you guys. That's the beauty of only having a handful of followers...yes, eventually I'd like more...but it does make one feel unabashed when nobody is that is liberating! I view all this as practice now. When I say dumb things for the world to see...the world is small and forgiving! So back to the facebook. My interview will be this Wednesday by a fabulous German author who hosts live interviews on the facebook. I'll be sending out invites to all my facebookie friends and also post the time and place on here. WISH ME LUCK & HAPPY THOUGHTS PLEASE!! I am unbelievably shy when I get into these situations so lots of coffee, cigarettes, and meditating prior to the moment LOL!

I learned how to set up a neato book and blog tab on the facebook, thanks to 'Home Wrecker' author Brenda Perlin for showing me how! She is awesome and her book looks fab, everyone should check it out! I have met sooooo many amazing authors this month, who have all been wonderful in teaching me about social marketing and more! People really are fantastic, warm and generous if given the chance. I am truly thankful for all the kindness and support I've recieved from all of them and all of you!

Quick book update:
I have the next book in the series 'LivEternal' in the works. Me and my editor Becky are hard at work to get her ready to be released in December. In the next few weeks you can expect to see a chapter release. I know everyone who read 'Finding Summerland' has been buggin to see what happens with least this will give you a taste. I plan on releasing several chapters on here prior to keep checking back, or follow me so that you won't miss out on updates. My way of thanking everyone for all the'll get to read the book before anyone else!!

Gotta go to work z girl ;)

Peace & Luv~Paige

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