Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm Officially Socially Networking HahaHa

So if you've read any of my blogs, you've probably picked up on my 'adventure time' in the land of social networking. I am happy to report that I'm starting to get the hang of the facebook and actually using it a little! Which is funny because I really sorta hated it. So anyhow, I got a bit crazy and set up a linked in account after a few people suggested it. That lead me to joining 2 other sites, Pintrist and Authononomy (which I'm still lost on!). I feel like Indianna Jones of the web! I'm Everywhere....maybe some new friends can find me.

Fingers crossed, toes too!

The blog tour has been keeping me pretty busy. Even though it doesn't officially start until October 15, there's alot of prep to do. It's quite fun really. Bunches of clever questions and interview stuff. I'm kinda diggin it. Work had kept me super slammed for a few months but that's good I guess. On the super plus side it's taken me to some lovely places!! The mountains, rivers, and gorgeous drives into small town America. A nice change of pace from the burbs.

Things are flying by so fast right now. Don't know if it's because it's starting to get dark earlier, or the kids being back in school....but times getting away from me. I find myself wishing on stars for more! Which reminds me, Boardwalk Empire starts up FiNaLlY this Sunday! Can't wait!!! I'm considering dedicating a page to my HBO series reviews and doing one each week. That sounds fun, we'll see if I have time with all my new stuff. And check out the new pages I added if you haven't. I put one up for the characters of 'Finding Summerland' and my 'Fantasy Playlist' that I listened to while I was writing. Even if you haven't read the book.....loved it....hated it.....never intend to read it, the music still kicks!

Look out Twitter
You're next on the list!!

Peace & Love everyone out there

Hit me up on anywhere you can find me if you wanna chat LOL!

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