Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finding Summerland - Excerpt 10

Finding Summerland

In this excerpt Wesley has awoken to an empty house. No note or explanation from Olivia. He is lost and confused as he tries to understand what has happened to her. To read earlier the tag #SampleSunday.

Taken from Chapter 25 - Bare

After sulking, and feeling sorry for myself, I headed back to our spot. Sitting down on a pile of wet sand I scooped up the dress. It smelled sweet, like the perfume Katie had doused her with earlier, and the scent of her hair. I pressed it closer, breathing it in....picturing her face. Everything had been so perfect just hours ago. Here I was again. Lost and hopeless.

I held the dress in my arms, as I curled up on the earth and cried. My tears falling to a deaf world. Feeling oblivious. I should be full of rage. Angry at the one who took her. Angry at my complete failure. Angry at anything. That’s how I handled things. It was what I knew.

But I wasn’t.

I felt nothing. Like I could stay here until I disappeared. Just never get up. Become invisible. My mind wandered a million different directions as I tried to get a grasp on what was happening. Should I go to Ever’s? I knew I needed to tell her, but didn’t find any comfort in repeating what Katie had told me. It wouldn’t bring her back.

A shooting star streaked across the horizon and I remembered how much Olivia loved watching the sky. The first night we met, we counted the stars for hours, creating our own patterns and naming them silly things. I wondered if she could see it from where she was now. If we were looking towards the same sky.

I wanted it to be a bad dream.

Closing my eyes as tight as I could, I tried to find her. If I could just concentrate harder, I might be able to reach her. The harder I tried to relax, the more sick I felt. My head was spinning in a centrifuged swirl. Focusing all my energy on images stored forever in my heart. Pieces of Olivia borrowed, or left behind.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello 2013...BiZzEe Year!

Haven't blogged in forever....not enough to say, too much to say...who knows. I'll do my best to catch ya up in a nutshell....
  • Brand Spankin Spiffy New Job
  • More Modeling Gigs
  • Finishing Book 2~~~'LivEternal'
  • 2 Nieces havin babies
  • Contributing Author on a Project I'll announce Soon
  • Playing in the Social Media Jungle (Yipes)
  • Sisters........................

Keeping my modeling life and my bookie life separate   has been I am finally merging the two. I started on the Facebook and now here....before you know it, I'll have a pic, not an avatar! Oh my...I'm learning slowly. Trying to evolve....breathe...exist. I feel like this is a year of metamorphosis for me...time to Grow, and shed some Fear. I'm ready to open up a bit more...bare my soul and Be Bold :)

So that is a quickie update on some of my world. This journey so far has been so Amazing! My friends are the Bestest....the support and encouragement I've gotten from ALL of you from various sites is Mind Blowing. I am eternally blessed to have so many loving people stumble on me some how....So thank you all!!! Hope everyone is having a Fantastic 2013 so far. It's only just begun....the best is yet to come!

FYI........Tons of New Excerpts and 'Sneak Peeks' of my Newest Book.....hoping to be released soon....on my Facebook Pages  
Paige Bleu or Finding Summerland

The Story of My Life................

Xo Paige

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shwayze - Get U Home

Finding Summerland - Excerpt 9

Finding Summerland

In this excerpt Wesley and Olivia have just left Everleigh and Mateo...they are relishing their alone time and Wesley is processing Mateo's relationship with Olivia. To read earlier the tag #SampleSunday.

Taken from Chapter 9- Beautiful Disaster

The sun was just starting to set over the water. The horizon looked like a watercolor sherbert; pink and orange swirling together, changing with every glance. People were filing to their cars, returning to wherever they had come from. We stopped to take it all in...Olivia, turning her face towards the sleeping sun. It illuminated her cheeks, casting a soft glow on her dark hair.

She seemed to marvel in the wonder of it. Like a small child, she was enamored with the mysteries surrounding us. Details that most of us take for granted were not lost on her. Experiencing anything with Liv, seemed like experiencing it for the first time.As the sun disappeared into the surf, I couldn’t stop staring. Her beauty eclipsed even the most picturesque scene. I grabbed her softly and pulled her closer. Kissing her forehead and holding her for a minute…wishing this moment could last forever.

When we made it to the house it was getting dark. I was starting to feel rushed as I realized our time was dwindling. I lit a few candles, hoping to relax.

“Don’t leave me tonight,” I blurted out like an idiot. I hadn’t really thought it through.

She looked at me and before she could turn me down—I quickly retreated, “I’m sorry. That didn’t come out right.”

She probably thought I was just another guy trying to get her into bed. Stupid, stupid, stupid. What was wrong with me? I thought, frustrated by my own idiocracy.

“I was hoping you would say that.”

I was stunned. “You were? Really?” I stuttered like an imbecile.

“I’ve waited a long time to find you too.”

My heart was leaping cartwheels around inside my chest. The thought of waking up with Liv was better than anything I could even try imagining.

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BTW...Finding Summerland...available NoW $2.99