Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finding Summerland - Excerpt 9

Finding Summerland

In this excerpt Wesley and Olivia have just left Everleigh and Mateo...they are relishing their alone time and Wesley is processing Mateo's relationship with Olivia. To read earlier the tag #SampleSunday.

Taken from Chapter 9- Beautiful Disaster

The sun was just starting to set over the water. The horizon looked like a watercolor sherbert; pink and orange swirling together, changing with every glance. People were filing to their cars, returning to wherever they had come from. We stopped to take it all in...Olivia, turning her face towards the sleeping sun. It illuminated her cheeks, casting a soft glow on her dark hair.

She seemed to marvel in the wonder of it. Like a small child, she was enamored with the mysteries surrounding us. Details that most of us take for granted were not lost on her. Experiencing anything with Liv, seemed like experiencing it for the first time.As the sun disappeared into the surf, I couldn’t stop staring. Her beauty eclipsed even the most picturesque scene. I grabbed her softly and pulled her closer. Kissing her forehead and holding her for a minute…wishing this moment could last forever.

When we made it to the house it was getting dark. I was starting to feel rushed as I realized our time was dwindling. I lit a few candles, hoping to relax.

“Don’t leave me tonight,” I blurted out like an idiot. I hadn’t really thought it through.

She looked at me and before she could turn me down—I quickly retreated, “I’m sorry. That didn’t come out right.”

She probably thought I was just another guy trying to get her into bed. Stupid, stupid, stupid. What was wrong with me? I thought, frustrated by my own idiocracy.

“I was hoping you would say that.”

I was stunned. “You were? Really?” I stuttered like an imbecile.

“I’ve waited a long time to find you too.”

My heart was leaping cartwheels around inside my chest. The thought of waking up with Liv was better than anything I could even try imagining.

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