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I was saying earlier that I wanted to do a page for my 'Favoritist Shows'...a place to review, vent, get excited, etc. Now that Boarwalk Empire is finally back YiP yIp YiPpeE, I figured I'd start with that! So let's get to it....

Episode 1-Resolution

To begin, I was curious to see how they would deal with Margaret giving Nucky's money to charity and Jimmy's death. It began with a bang...or rather, a blow. The opening scene introduces us to a very menancing looking Sicillian mobster with a bad temper. I have a feeling he's going to end up a thorn in Nuck's heals soon enough, and I'm looking forward to seeing the new bad guy in action. Jillian is just as crazy as ever and it's evident when she tries to convince Tommy she's his mother and scolds Richard for trying to help him remember the truth. I've always liked Richard's character as the 'Tin Man' and am hoping he gets more action this season. Margaret and Nucky hit a bit of a snag after the new years party, then we see him in bed with the performer who was entertaining there. Bastard!! Leave it to Nucky to get Margaret to marry him, then sleep around with another dancing girl like Lucy!! She ought to sleep with Nucky's Irish body guard, pretty boy again. That'll learn him LOL!

I've enjoyed watching Margaret's character evolving over the last 2 seasons and I hope she sticks to her guns about getting prenatal care at the hospital they are benificiaries of...isn't that the point?! Sometimes it seems like she's torn between being corrupt (like when we saw her stealing the servants raises in season 2), and being a gentle soul. She looked like she may start crying at the hospital when she saw the woman miscarry. It was also moving to see her watching the female flyer taking off over the beach. I wonder what she was thinking at that moment. Was she re-evaluating her own choices? Anyway, I like to see her changing and growing. The season ended with the Czek guy Manny getting capped by Richard. That was the best part because-I did Not see that coming!! Revenge over Angela perhaps? Guess we'll have to find out next week!

My Vote-5 out of 5 stars
Excellent opener! Lots of action!
Rest In Peace Jimmy Darmody...
Episode 2: Spaghetti & Coffee
The season started with a bang and is still going at a fast pace. I love how things are moving quickly...lots of action, sexual tension and exciting new characters. Even though I'm mad at Billy King, Nukies new play thing, she does bring an interesting personality to the show. She is brilliant at protraying this vivacious, care free, show girl. A bit different than Lucy and her overpowering seduction, Billy is much funnier and spirited. Margaret also, I suspect, is interested in one of the new characters. The handsome doctor at the clinic. I sense a connection there, the dispute they had in his office after Margaret stormed out was super hot. I almost expected them to start stripping right then! trust me...a few episodes from now, I'll be confirming my hunch. The 2 clearly have chemistry.
Next was Chalkie White. This was perhaps, my favorite episode featuring Chalkie and his family. We begin to see a rare glimpse of how complicated and torn he is. The scene with him giving his blessing to the young doctor to marry his daughter, then watching his dark side emerging in the bar while she witnessed it was amazing! You can tell that despite his own past, he wants something better for his kids....but at the same time, isn't entirely comfortable with it. It's an interesting dynamic.
The new Sicillian does Not dissapoint as the new bad boy on the block! When he and his crew shut down the gas pumps for Nukies delivery, I figured a war was gonna bust out in the streets. 'I gotta gun, you gotta gun, he's gotta gun....everybody's gotta gun'. The way he said it was so cool, I could watch that clip over and over.
Then there's Eli. I felt bad for Eli when I watched him going home. It was touching to see his reaction to his changing world. There is an almost sadness with him as he realizes all the time he's lost and struggles to find his place again. You can tell he had to swallow his pride when he was faced with the new sherif and taunted in the street. He probably deserves it, but it was still a little sad.
My Vote-5 out of 5 stars
Awesome street showdown!

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