Friday, May 25, 2012

Phew...What a Week!

So lots going on right now in the busy life...

My little flower Meadow turned 18, which is unbelievable, anticlimactic, and exciting all rolled together. It is a crazy feeling to have your baby become an adult. It's just surreal. We spent a mommy daughter day together beachcombing. She's always been a kindred spirit. It couldn't have been a better time!! We talked for hours and found a perfect, tiny, dried up starfish. It was the perfect token to rememmber our day. We're both sentimental like that.

My sweet son Sparrow got the stomach flu...which sucked!! There is Nothing worse than having a sick or hurt child. It made my heart hurt to see him so miserable. But he's better now, so Yay!!

The book is on track and I plan on releasing it in June. I can't believe it's finally really happening ;-) I thought for a minute the details would never be done. The writing was easy and fun, but the editting, etc. that's another story!! I think someday I may write a book about the process. Not so much an educational or informative one, just an honest account of all the madness behind the scenes! Might be entertaining.

I got the cover officially done!! It's already submitted so I'm comitted...but I really like it. Hopefully you guys do to


Monday, May 7, 2012

Free Chapter Excerpt...

Here are the first 5 chapters of  'Finding Summerland.'

The rest will be available on Amazon soon ;-)

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for your support

About The Book

I guess I should mention, or a least give you a clue about what the book is actually about. It's a pretty complex story line—5 volumes when finished, and It could go longer, but for everything I want to include so far, 5 will do. Plus I have another series I've started outlining, so I'll be busy with that. But that's a ways off so I'll tell you about that down the road. Back to the current project.....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why Blog?!

Ok, so I'm putting out my disclaimer—I'm a virgin blogger. Heck, I'm not even a real facebooker or tweeter, and here I am setting up a page dedicated entirely to my ramblings. But I really wanted to do it, so I'm doing it....... I've been working on writing a novel. Actually working on it may be an understatement—I'm a little obsessed. But it's my passion and we're still in the honeymoon phase. I haven't gotten to the point it isn't fun yet, and I still get a fluttery feeling, which seems promising. So I keep plucking away. Trying to force myself to work on editting, and all the technical stuff—lusting to just get back to the writing.

The story isn't what's hard for me. It's the finishing! The whole thing is unfolding in my head so fluidly, that I could literally lose myself in it as I'm going. I absolutely love those times. But, when it's all on paper, and I have to look at that paper and match— what I see in my brain—what you read— formatting requirements of editors, etc—It's completely mind boggling!!! I wanted a place I could just chill. Someplace I can share where I'm at in the process and get feedback. Sompelace to vent and throw temper tantrums when spellcheck isn't spell checking. And mostly just a playground of whatever I feel like at the time. Sometimes I just want to ramble off on a tangen. Sometimes I feel like my head might explode—Visualize pink bunnies and sunflowers...