Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why Blog?!

Ok, so I'm putting out my disclaimer—I'm a virgin blogger. Heck, I'm not even a real facebooker or tweeter, and here I am setting up a page dedicated entirely to my ramblings. But I really wanted to do it, so I'm doing it....... I've been working on writing a novel. Actually working on it may be an understatement—I'm a little obsessed. But it's my passion and we're still in the honeymoon phase. I haven't gotten to the point it isn't fun yet, and I still get a fluttery feeling, which seems promising. So I keep plucking away. Trying to force myself to work on editting, and all the technical stuff—lusting to just get back to the writing.

The story isn't what's hard for me. It's the finishing! The whole thing is unfolding in my head so fluidly, that I could literally lose myself in it as I'm going. I absolutely love those times. But, when it's all on paper, and I have to look at that paper and match— what I see in my brain—what you read— formatting requirements of editors, etc—It's completely mind boggling!!! I wanted a place I could just chill. Someplace I can share where I'm at in the process and get feedback. Sompelace to vent and throw temper tantrums when spellcheck isn't spell checking. And mostly just a playground of whatever I feel like at the time. Sometimes I just want to ramble off on a tangen. Sometimes I feel like my head might explode—Visualize pink bunnies and sunflowers...

So what can you expect from me? Depends on the day. Like most, I'm multifaceted. When I release my book excerpt (soon...just working up my 'nerve' muscle), you'll see a different side of me than you do here. It's much more philosophical. Although some will just devour it as a love story, and never truly get all the metaphors. I guess in a way, it was written for 2 different audiences. The 'lovers' who appreciate the surface, and the 'thinkers' who dig a little deeper. Anyways, it's more serious than the whimsical me—which is equal in sharing brain space. It's funny, because I'll think about something to the point that I dream about it, and this could go on for days. Then 'an Idiot Abroad' will come on, and I'll just wander off, and forget all about it. Laughing hysterically. My husband thinks I'm a nutter! I guess I don't blame him. It's a weird transition between trying to understand a Tessla coil, or Quantum mechanics—to tearing up from laughing over a middle-aged man in cheeky pants....

Which brings me full circle to why I started this blog....

I'm really, super hoping that eventually I'll get to know some of you and we can bounce stuff off each other. I would love to have a community of clever, witty individuals who can give me ideas, and a kick in the butt when I need it. But not too hard or you'll hurt my feelers!! Plus, when people read my book it would be awesome to be on a more personal level. Tell me what they thought about it. When I do finally make it, everyone will see what a geek I really am! But that's Ok because I'm real. I'm comfortable being a little crazy. My life is never boring, and I'm never really alone. It's a colorful world up there and I have lots of characters buzzing around! My biggest dream is to see my book as a film. Seeing my 'peeps' come to life would be insanely awesome!!!! Plus, I honestly think it would make a bad ass movie. Yep. That would be the bestest... Awww....Dare to dream!

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