Friday, May 25, 2012

Phew...What a Week!

So lots going on right now in the busy life...

My little flower Meadow turned 18, which is unbelievable, anticlimactic, and exciting all rolled together. It is a crazy feeling to have your baby become an adult. It's just surreal. We spent a mommy daughter day together beachcombing. She's always been a kindred spirit. It couldn't have been a better time!! We talked for hours and found a perfect, tiny, dried up starfish. It was the perfect token to rememmber our day. We're both sentimental like that.

My sweet son Sparrow got the stomach flu...which sucked!! There is Nothing worse than having a sick or hurt child. It made my heart hurt to see him so miserable. But he's better now, so Yay!!

The book is on track and I plan on releasing it in June. I can't believe it's finally really happening ;-) I thought for a minute the details would never be done. The writing was easy and fun, but the editting, etc. that's another story!! I think someday I may write a book about the process. Not so much an educational or informative one, just an honest account of all the madness behind the scenes! Might be entertaining.

I got the cover officially done!! It's already submitted so I'm comitted...but I really like it. Hopefully you guys do to


Duck Dynasty is coming to a is Game of Thrones. I'm scrambling to find another awesome show to take it's will be tough! As much as I love an Idiot Abroad, and as sad as I was to have the season end, this show may actually trump it. It's that good. Makes me 'happy, happy, happy'! I need me some 'ha ha' time. Laughter is good for my soul. When Thrones is over it won't be so bad because True Blood will be back...then Boardwalk Empire after that. You can always count on HBO for an awesome series!

Promotional poster for the first book is done. I'm trying to come up with some other fun giveaways too, for when I start marketing. I'm thinking maybe signed books, bookmarks and of course posters. If anyone out there has a fresh idea for a fun freebie...please, do tell ;-)

So lots going on and lots to do...
Hope all is well out there

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