Mermaid Love

I love Mermaids and being that they so heavily inspired me on my book series, I decided to give them their own page ;) This will be my sharing place of cool pics...vids...articles, etc.

Starting with one of my Fave Vids!!! An awesome documentary on Mermaids, and how they could have evolved...

This one's good too. Maybe a hoax, but it makes you wonder...
This is really interesting, tying mermaids to Atlantis...This really got me because I'd never seen it before I wrote the book!! Weird huh?!

Gorgeous Mermaid Art...


Awesome Websites!!
Cool Info, Stories & More
Mermaid Folklore
Cornish Legends

Best Mermaids in Movies...

Syrena, Pirates of The Caribean

Maddison. Splash
Sweet Mermaid Tattoos....
And of course...Bobbles!
 Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Face Paint

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