Saturday, November 3, 2012

'Finding Summerland' - Excerpt 1



This is my very first excerpt post for #SampleSunday...I am really excited to be doing this & looking forward to meeting some exciting new peeps :) I hope you enjoy................


Taken from Chapter 1 - Stained

I didn’t know how long I’d been driving, as I glanced at the upcoming highway signs through the foggy mist. It felt surreal. As if I’d been gliding on autopilot, pulled to this place somehow.

Approaching the exit, I strained my eyes to see if it was the one I’d been looking for. Must be one further. I thought as I pressed on. I kept going, picking up speed as my mind flew faster and faster. It was like I was racing myself…trying to outrun my thoughts.

Top down, the wind whipped my hair back and forth into my face, sticking to my damp cheeks. My eyes stung so I closed them for a second, relishing the rush and the freedom of it all. The air was musty and rank. Smog clung like ribbons against the lonely night sky, catching occasional flickers of headlights and casting a distorted rainbow ahead of me.

There was an exit in view that looked promising so I took it.

As I rolled to the end and turned down the forked road, I heard Channing say how stupid this was. I cranked the music up loud, drowning him out, and continued down the ominous streets, humming along and carefully scouring for signs.

Few people were out, and the ones that were, looked void and lifeless. Channing was right; I was stupid to be here, reckless and irresponsible. None of that mattered now.

The soft blue glow of neon signs illuminated the roof lines like a demented carnival. Figures blended like shadow puppets on the buildings, their hollow expressions gazing blankly outward. My senses felt heightened. I was nearly there.

Adrenaline rushed through me as the light turned red. I contemplated running it. As I sat waiting I noticed movement on the corner. Two rough looking men began coming towards my car. One had long shaggy black hair that had been oiled back into a greasy pony tail. He was wearing a yellow pullover sweater that was at least one size too small, and a pair of outdated slacks from the disco era.

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