Saturday, November 17, 2012

'Finding Summerland' - Excerpt 3

Finding Summerland
In this scene Wes is leaving school, after a long night getting a tattoo, when he runs into his friend Katie. To read earlier excerpts, search the tag #SampleSunday.

Taken from chapter 3- Normal
I started towards my car still fumbling with my things, dropping my history book as I dug into my pockets searching for my keys. As I bent down to pick it up I was startled to see Kaitlynn standing above me. She was beaming as she let out a boisterous, "Hi Wes".

I forced an equally charismatic smile and said hello back.

"Do you think you can give me a ride home today? Wyatt forgot that I rode in with Savannah."

"Or decided to leave you!" I teased.

"Wes." She protested; turning her nose up at me.

"Oh come on Katie. You know I'm kidding."

Her eyes scrunched up in a disgusted scowl, as she began packing her things into the car. We drove half way home without saying a word to each other. Kaitlynn awkwardly fidgeted with the radio knobs, trying to find some stupid song she loved that day. I couldn't help but smile.

She was such a funny girl. Since we were kids, she always had a way of making me laugh. All the guys in school were infatuated with her, but to me she would always just be Katie. Wyatt’s twin. The sister we tormented when we were younger. I still remember her having tea parties with her dolls and getting mad when we replaced her cookies with dog biscuits. It was hard to think of her as a real girl.

Now, she was captain of the cheer team, poised and beautiful. She could be with anyone. For some reason she never paid much attention to any of them. Not on a serious level at least. She had always had a thing for Channing. Now that he was gone, she seemed to be clinging to me as a substitute.

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