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Who am I anyways? Sagittarius, half ass vegetarian. I'm really just a picky eater who quit meat when I was six years old...in revolt. It's easier to just say vegetarian. It sounds cooler too! A complete contradiction...an introverted extrovert, who loves people and appears fearless, but is terrified. A model who's camera shy. A beer promoter who hates beer.

Mom to 2 gorgeous kiddos, Meadow and Sparrow. They are my breath. My everything. 2 cats we rescued from a shelter who rule the roust. I'm secretly looking forward to the day when I can finally break out of my 'legoland' housing development, with the Nazi homeowners association, and get a piece of dirt, with a few alpacas, and a handful of chickens. Build myself a hobbit hole in the side of a hill, with a huge stained glass window from an old church, facing the sun. Bask in my rainbow and write in quiet. Except for the occasional chicken squawk of course!

I love documentaries and the history channel. As I've gotten older, I notice I'm 'spongier'. I soak up as much learning as I can get my hands on. Making up for how little I actually paid attention in school. When I'm not watching something smart, I love cartoons. Scooby Doo is still my fave. I hate horror movies or anything scary at all. I have a tender heart and even watching made up pain makes me hurt inside. I'm such a baby. But I do love thrillers like 'Paranormal Activity.' I like to get freaked out like that. It makes me all tingly!

Yellow and pastel pink are my favoritist colors. But never together, unless it's in some sort of floral. Maybe even plaid. Ok scratch that. There may be lots of ways they can work in harmony. I'm a bit bohemian. I dress to be comfortable and if I don't feel like wearing make up or doing my hair, I don't. I spent too many years having to look a certain way. Now I dress for myself. I've had a 'bucket list' since I was a kid. Before I'd ever even heard the term.
Some of the things on there are...............

-Go on a real expedition
-Discover something cool like a fossil, artifact, or gem

-Write a book (Check!!)

-Explore Machu Pichu
-Spend a year in Egypt....learn everything!!!
-Learn to belly dance...Ooh La La
-Become a real farmer
-Meet Neil Diamond
-Speak French
-Explore an undiscovered cave
-Perform on a trapeze (Check!!)

Almost time!!

Gettin ready to FLY!!!

OMG...........I am actually holding the bar!!! No Looking Back Now LOL!!

Happy Happy Girl!!!
-Sleep in a real life jungle tree house (Check!!)
This was the treehouse I got to stay in!!!!

View from inside....

The Happiest Place on Earth!!!

I wanted to stay forever............forget the world and WRITE for days!!!
-Sail around the world with my Captain and my mateys

I love rocking out to Cold Play and The Strokes, just as much as Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. I'm a huge fan of Adele, Snow Patrol, Neil Diamond, Harry Conick Jr. and 30 Seconds to Mars. And lately, I've been totally digging on The Apples in Stereo and MGMT. Gotta love a bald guy with a shiny silver jacket and movie star shades! Plus you've got Frotto in the video...how tight is that?! I'm every girl you know...and nobody you've ever met. ...An old soul looking for home.

I started this blog as a place to record my experiences and feelings as a first time indie-author. The trials and adventures of writing, self publishing, and marketing my book. It is also a vessel for me to sometimes rant, throw temper tantrums and go off on tangens...so BeWaRe! Since I have started blogging a few months ago I have decided to add some new pages. I realized in my journey there are so many amazingly gifted, indie-authors, all wanting the same thing as me. To have that Sally Field moment where one can say with conviction....'You like me...you really, Really like me!' I will be posting my reviews of the books I've read lately in hopes that anyone looking may discover these Talented People for themselves! So if you have a minute, check out my new 'Review' page and show these peeps some Love ;)

A Few of My Favorite Things...La la La

I love making new friends...learning new things...and Karma! Please email me your comments, questions, suggestions, or just say Hello. And if you like my maddness...I'd love for you to add me, share me, like my page...or whatever other Fab thing that's out there in this web world LOL!

If you're an author and would like your book reviewed by me, please send me an email paigebleu@gmail.com and I would be happy to take a peak as my schedule permits ;)

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