Saturday, September 22, 2012

My 1st LIVE Interview Scheduled!

Next on the journey for me, in the land of social networking...a live interview on the facebook! I'm a bit nervous, but completely excited at the same time!! See, I'm getting more and more comfortable with blogging....I think it may have something to do with the fact that I still feel invisible. It feels like I can say whatever I'm really thinking and be completely honest with you guys. That's the beauty of only having a handful of followers...yes, eventually I'd like more...but it does make one feel unabashed when nobody is that is liberating! I view all this as practice now. When I say dumb things for the world to see...the world is small and forgiving! So back to the facebook. My interview will be this Wednesday by a fabulous German author who hosts live interviews on the facebook. I'll be sending out invites to all my facebookie friends and also post the time and place on here. WISH ME LUCK & HAPPY THOUGHTS PLEASE!! I am unbelievably shy when I get into these situations so lots of coffee, cigarettes, and meditating prior to the moment LOL!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I am really excited to have gotten a chance to play catch up this week,  I revamped the blog a bit and added some fun new pages. It was starting to get cluttered up, so some of my stuff needed re-arranging. It's strange how that happens! Especially when I'm not even a 'real' blogger LOL!

Moving on...
I have a new author review page!! It seemed silly not to do this, being that I read and review alot of books (as time allows). I wanted to share my finds with others. To start, I'm featuring some of my Favoritist INDIE authors. I am only putting up books I really like, I don't want any negativity here. This is my Happy Place!! If you're curious about my other reviews, both good and not so good, feel free to find me on Goodreads. I don't want you thinking I give every book I read 5 stars...but I do try and find something in every book I read that I can apreciate and compliment. Every book is important and special...they all take work and heart!! Sometimes readers who have never tried writing don't realize that.

Paige Bleu Goodreads Author Page


No Promises---Except...I will treat you and your book with Love and respect, be your friend, and review your masterpiece....if my schedule and father time allow

My other page...
My mermaid page is just for fun. I didn't want my whole blog to be mermaids, but I do love them so they got their own page! This is where I'll start putting all the groovy things I stumble on that are 'Mer' related. If you are a mermaid junkie like'll feel right at home here!! And if you have any cool mermaidy stuff...send it my way or leave me a comment ;)

And last, but maybe the coolest page...
Boardwalk Empire Review page!! I've always wanted to do a review for my Fave HBO series. I'm starting with Boardwalk Empire because the season started on Sunday so the timing made sense. There are always so many things I have to say about 'my shows'. I didn't want to clutter up my home page running off on benders about 1 thing. This will be a perfect outlet for my Boardwalk Empire Groupie Lovin! Then, when the season ends I will be setting up a page for Game of Thrones, followed by True Blood. Now it's a party!!

Phew, I barely have enough time left to update you all on my 'Destination Social Networking' campaign Ha Ha. It has been a wild ride! I feel like I'm on the facebook every day now. I still don't really have a plan, but I am meeting the coolest people who are all Soooo Helpful!! If any of you happen to be reading this now, THANK YOU for your guidance. I desparately needed it. And, I'm Linkedin, so find me there too. Twitter is still on hold for now. Soon, I'll be a tweetin LOL. In the meantime I have to get back to writing!!

Peace Peeps

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm Officially Socially Networking HahaHa

So if you've read any of my blogs, you've probably picked up on my 'adventure time' in the land of social networking. I am happy to report that I'm starting to get the hang of the facebook and actually using it a little! Which is funny because I really sorta hated it. So anyhow, I got a bit crazy and set up a linked in account after a few people suggested it. That lead me to joining 2 other sites, Pintrist and Authononomy (which I'm still lost on!). I feel like Indianna Jones of the web! I'm Everywhere....maybe some new friends can find me.

Fingers crossed, toes too!

The blog tour has been keeping me pretty busy. Even though it doesn't officially start until October 15, there's alot of prep to do. It's quite fun really. Bunches of clever questions and interview stuff. I'm kinda diggin it. Work had kept me super slammed for a few months but that's good I guess. On the super plus side it's taken me to some lovely places!! The mountains, rivers, and gorgeous drives into small town America. A nice change of pace from the burbs.

Things are flying by so fast right now. Don't know if it's because it's starting to get dark earlier, or the kids being back in school....but times getting away from me. I find myself wishing on stars for more! Which reminds me, Boardwalk Empire starts up FiNaLlY this Sunday! Can't wait!!! I'm considering dedicating a page to my HBO series reviews and doing one each week. That sounds fun, we'll see if I have time with all my new stuff. And check out the new pages I added if you haven't. I put one up for the characters of 'Finding Summerland' and my 'Fantasy Playlist' that I listened to while I was writing. Even if you haven't read the book.....loved it....hated it.....never intend to read it, the music still kicks!

Look out Twitter
You're next on the list!!

Peace & Love everyone out there

Hit me up on anywhere you can find me if you wanna chat LOL!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Quick Little Ditty...

It's late so I'll keep this brief. I hadn't been on here to post an 'official' blog since my I wanted to say hello. Vacation was awesome! Lots of wildlife, catchin fish, spyin on eagles, watchin falling stars, and bonfires! Woot woot! The best part was my kiddos and being one with the nature!

I'm reading a couple books right now that rock!! I'll put a review on Goodreads soon for those who are intersted. In TV land...I was pleasantly surprised with the season finale of 'True Blood'. Not thrilled that Russel died, being that he was one of my faves, but excited to see the new direction with Bill being a super vamp...kinda reminded me of 'Scott Pilgrim' and  'Super Scott'. Should be fun. I'm just hoping we can move on from the whole authority bit. Yawn. Boardwalk Empire will premiere next Sunday to take its place so I'm looking forward to that.

I've been digging into working on volume 2 of the series, LivEternal. I'm really excited to be working on some new material and anxious to get it out by December. I've had so much feedback wanting it to be done now so they can see what happened to Liv and Wes. I know it's hard to wait. I always hate waiting too, but it is a 5 part series so I couldn't give you all the answers in 1 book. It's way to complicated! I needed 5 to properly explain it...hopefully you'll stick with me and trust that it's worth it ;) I warned you this was more than a romance LOL.

Thank you again to all my new friends!!! I am excited to go on this journey with you and apreciate your support and enjoy our chats.

Now I'm off to tired

Sweet Dreams my Luvs