Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Quick Little Ditty...

It's late so I'll keep this brief. I hadn't been on here to post an 'official' blog since my I wanted to say hello. Vacation was awesome! Lots of wildlife, catchin fish, spyin on eagles, watchin falling stars, and bonfires! Woot woot! The best part was my kiddos and being one with the nature!

I'm reading a couple books right now that rock!! I'll put a review on Goodreads soon for those who are intersted. In TV land...I was pleasantly surprised with the season finale of 'True Blood'. Not thrilled that Russel died, being that he was one of my faves, but excited to see the new direction with Bill being a super vamp...kinda reminded me of 'Scott Pilgrim' and  'Super Scott'. Should be fun. I'm just hoping we can move on from the whole authority bit. Yawn. Boardwalk Empire will premiere next Sunday to take its place so I'm looking forward to that.

I've been digging into working on volume 2 of the series, LivEternal. I'm really excited to be working on some new material and anxious to get it out by December. I've had so much feedback wanting it to be done now so they can see what happened to Liv and Wes. I know it's hard to wait. I always hate waiting too, but it is a 5 part series so I couldn't give you all the answers in 1 book. It's way to complicated! I needed 5 to properly explain it...hopefully you'll stick with me and trust that it's worth it ;) I warned you this was more than a romance LOL.

Thank you again to all my new friends!!! I am excited to go on this journey with you and apreciate your support and enjoy our chats.

Now I'm off to tired

Sweet Dreams my Luvs

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