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Finding Summerland - Excerpt 8

Finding Summerland    
In this excerpt Wesley sees Olivia again. It is there first encounter since meeting, and he begins to realize how connected he feels to her.........he just doesn't know why yet. To read earlier the tag #SampleSunday.

Taken from Chapter 7- Surrender

She was a sight, standing there. I was speechless. I had never  seen her without wet hair and both times she had been swallowed up in over sized clothes. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. It dawned on me what she might look like if she were actually trying.

“Wesley…everything alright?”

“You look beautiful,” I stuttered back. Her disposition changed, and she smiled shyly.


“I made some hot water. Would you like some tea?” I offered awkwardly. Trying to recover.

“I don’t think I’ve ever tried tea. Do you like it?”

“It’s good for warming up, otherwise no, I can’t really say I’m a tea guy,” I told her honestly, laughing a little because I was still so nervous.


I poured a mug and stirred in a big teaspoon of sugar. I handed it to her and we headed to the living room. Once she had gotten settled in she took a sip.

“Mmm, you’re right Wesley. It is warm.”

I loved the way she said my name. Usually only teachers and my Mother called me by my full name, which meant I was in trouble. The kids in school all knew to call me Wes. But coming from her lips it sounded perfect.

“Are you hungry or anything?” Not sure what should happen next. There were so many things I wanted to ask. I just wanted to know her.

“I ate earlier.”

“Me too. I was trying to keep myself busy,” I admitted; saying too much accidentally.

“Busy from what?” she seemed interested enough to make me feel a little better about the blunder.

“You wanna know the truth?”

“What else is there?” she looked perplexed. She had such a different way of looking at the world. Like she hadn’t been corrupted or damaged like the rest of us.

“I’ve been thinking about you practically non stop since we met last night. It’s been driving me crazy waiting to see you again.” I was surprised how good it felt to say it out loud.

She smiled a little but didn’t respond. It was like she was torn about it. Or about me. She was giving me mixed signals.

“I couldn’t wait to see you either,” she said finally, seeming almost sad.

What could possibly be wrong…why did she seem so torn? I thought to myself. I hoped she wasn’t engaged or promised for an arranged marriage or something. We were obviously from two different worlds.

“Olivia, what’s wrong?” I feared what she may say, but was dying to hear it anyway.

“Nothing’s wrong....” she was careful choosing her next words, “I don’t know how to describe it. Everything is right for the first time and I don’t understand it. Why now?”

Her face was conflicted. Maybe she was more like me than I thought. Something was definitely happening between us. I’d never felt this way about anyone, or anything before.

“I don’t know what’s happening either, but I trust it,” I said with absolute conviction.

I took her hand, holding it for the first time with meaning. We stopped talking and she left her hand in mine. It felt like it was meant to be there. A perfect fit. I didn’t feel like I needed anything. Just me and her, right here, right now was enough.

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As You Wish...: Excerpt, Trailer & Review with Paige Bleu

As You Wish...: Excerpt, Trailer & Review with Paige Bleu: My Guest ~ Paige Bleu  Excerpt from Finding Summerland That night as I slipped off to sleep, I thought of Olivia… I saw us st...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Girls & Boys........

I realize I haven't blogged in a while. I mean, I've blogged my excerpts pretty religiously on Sundays...but short of that...I've been vacant.

We made it through the "Mayan Apocalypse"...Christmas is right around the corner, with the promise of a Bright New Year to follow. I'm feeling inspired again...Alive again

Promise and magic is on the air of each breath I I'm breathing it in. Listening to that still small voice.....existing to learn

Come January, I will be back to re-writes and edits of 'LivEternal', Volume 2, 'The Ameryn Chronicles'....I am so excited to get back into writing and bathing myself in lovely words...sleepless nights of passion & conflict. I live for moments like those. And of course...I will be dropping samples and excerpts then Thank You for all your patience, Love & support.

In the meantime....

I wish you all the Merriest of Christmas's, the Happiest of Holidays, and the Brightest of New Year's and New Beginnings....

Love to all, my inspirers...comedians...and friends

I couldn't do what I do without you


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Finding Summerland - Excerpt 7

Finding Summerland    
In this excerpt Wesley meets the mysterious Olivia for the first time. This will be the beginning of an entire new paradigm for Wes.....and neither can prepare them for what comes next. To read earlier the tag #SampleSunday.

Taken from Chapter 6 - Angel

She didn’t say anything back, but turned and started walking back to the driftwood where I’d been sitting. She sat down on the log, burying her feet in the sand, wiggling her toes around like I had. I sat next to her…my stomach doing somersaults inside.

We stared up at the stars. Silent, but connected. Like we were both players in some cosmic ballet. I felt like I’d found an old friend from some place I used to know.

She pointed out pictures in the sky. Things I’d never noticed before. Like looking through a new lens, everything with her was interesting. From the stories she shared, to the way she viewed the world. I had never met anyone quite like Olivia. 

We stayed up talking until the sun began to peak up from the horizon…reminding us of how long we’d been there. Time; the great thief was approaching, and I wasn’t ready. I had never talked so much in my life. It came so naturally with her. I felt like I could be real. No walls. No boundaries. Just a boy and girl, brought together by chance. Today I was just Wesley.

It felt cleansing, shedding the cloak of what I was supposed to be, what was expected...or demanded. She had no notions of any of that. We were simply here.

I didn’t ever want it to end. But of course it wouldn’t be that simple. We looked at each other under the illumination of the fiery orange sunrise, both knowing the time had come. She began to stand, her legs covered in a dusty grey film, closing her eyes to feel the warmth of the brilliant glow light up her face. 

“I should probably get back.” She said, still gazing over the mirrored water.

I turned to look at her. I didn’t want to let her go…like it had all been a dream. I was afraid of not finding her again. Her immense blue eyes stared back at me. She was surreal. I was so distracted, I couldn’t remember what I was planning on saying to make her stay. She started walking away.


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Merry Christmas Everyone!! 


BTW...Finding Summerland...available NoW $2.99


Saturday, December 8, 2012

'Finding Summerland' - Excerpt 6

Finding Summerland    

In this scene Wes has just agreed to throwing a party at the beach house over Spring Break with his best buddy he thinks of returning to the house (the first tine since Channing's disappearance) he begins reminiscing over his relationship with Channing, and how he and Wyatt met. To read earlier excerpts, search the tag #SampleSunday.

Taken from Chapter 5 - Reminiscent

I was actually kinda looking forward to Spring break. Even with all the people around, it might be the change I needed. Maybe there was something to what Wyatt said. I had been holding out for some unrealistic idea of love. I hadn’t really given anyone a chance. Had never let anyone get past my wall.

When Channing was around, I would hang out with him and his friends. He was always the star. That worked for us. It was enough that we were together. I could blend in while he shined. I was shy and disconnected. He had a way of drawing me out.

I didn’t start speaking until I was 4. Channing was the only one I would talk too…and never when anyone was around. My parents were sure he was making it up. They took me to all kinds of therapists, specialist, child psychologists, doctors…even psychiatrists. None of them could figure out what was 'wrong' with me.

School made no sense—nothing made sense. I had been labeled everything from dyslexic, to autistic. My mind was sharp and clear, but not in the way that was accepted. It was like being trapped in my own 'special' world. They hired me a private tutor, hoping to help me catch up. God forbid anyone discover me being different. Nothing seemed to help. It was like I was some sort of pariah. A blemish in a bastian of perfects.

I faked my way through 'mainstream' classes with help from Wyatt, and some charitable contributions from my father’s corporation, that some would have considered bribes. I was just a kid, trying to sort it all out. Not being able to talk about anything. Stuck in a world where I was expected to be larger than life, with an older brother who was.

He was my rock.

When I started school, a kid teased me for the way I talked. My stuttering never went unnoticed long and Channing knew how sensitive I was about it. He kicked his ass and gave him a bloody nose, before the kid even knew what was happening. It was that fast.

His dad threatened to sue, then mysteriously dropped the whole thing. It was rumored some of our dad’s thugs threatened him. The whole thing was outrageous of course.

That was the first of many altercations. We became a force to be reckoned with. As our reputation grew, kids stopped messing with me. They knew better. It was also how I met Wyatt. Katie was in my class and told him about what happened. She worshipped Channing like some sort of hero. All the girls did. I don’t know if it was sympathy, or if he saw me as a future ally, but he sat with me at lunch that day and we've been friends ever since.

Wyatt was popular even then.

He hadn’t grown into his looks yet, so he would get attention from pulling pranks. One time, he got suspended in 4th grade for substituting a tuna sandwich with a mix of cat food and mayonnaise in Jim Daley’s lunch. Daley still gets harassed about it to this day.

Now he was more collected. He dressed in all the latest trends, like he picked his wardrobe straight off the hottest shows and runways. He was still a joker though. Even Channing would mess with him over his tendency to assimilate. Coming from Channing that was something. They were cut from the same cloth.

This weekend was a beginning at least. I had a fresh perspective and I was willing to try something new.

Channing would love this. A weekend with some voluptuous stranger. This was for him as much as it was for me. I needed to live. Channing would want that. I still felt like he was out there somewhere. I knew how unrealistic that seemed. But I still believed it. I could feel him. 

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'Finding Summerland' - Excerpt 5

Finding Summerland    

This scene is set right after Wes has gotten his tattoo & told his parents. Things are complicated with the family right now since Channing's disappearance....see how it goes. To read earlier excerpts, search the tag #SampleSunday.

Taken from Chapter 4 - Atonement

I felt guilty for upsetting her. I honestly expected that if anyone was going to be upset it would be him. That was tolerable for me—he was tough. My mother, on the other hand, was broken. It didn’t dawn on me that it would hurt her.

I didn't know what I should do to fix the situation. No good could come from me interrupting their discussion. Not that I was afraid of getting in trouble, I deserved that. At least they were talking, I reasoned. Maybe like me, they needed to feel something too. 

I headed upstairs to let them work it out. Hopefully mom would calm down soon. I walked into my room and grabbed Tess. Plopping down on the bed I pushed some pillows behind me, and settled back into them. Shutting my eyes, I began playing. 

I’d been working on this song for as long as I could remember. It was the first song I ever wrote, and it was still my favorite. A work forever 'in progress'. It was peaceful for me to write. Songs didn’t have opinions, or talk back. They were just created. Flawed and perfect…they just existed. I had written 100's of them, but I always came back to this one. Probably because it was my first. It was sentimental, familiar.

I kept playing, remembering the day I had gotten my guitar…

It was my 10th birthday and my parents threw a huge party. Everyone in my class was there. I hid most of the time, waiting for it to be over. I hated crowds. Once everyone had left, my mother found me, and gave me a package. It was a huge box and I wondered what it could be. I hadn’t asked for anything big.
When I opened it, I was surprised to see a hard black guitar case. I’d never played an instrument before, or had any interest in music, but my mother looked at me assuring and nudged. 

I undid the clasps and lifted the top, revealing the plush cobalt padding nestling a gorgeous cherry guitar, a single hummingbird engraved softly on the front. I was puzzled. It was beautiful to look at, and as I lifted it protectively out of it’s case it felt at home in my arms. But I didn’t know how to play. 

I sat for a minute just holding it. Feeling it out I guess. Then, nervous of disappointing my mother, I began to run my fingers over the strings unsure. The sounds began resonating through the room. From that moment I was hooked. I’ll never know what inspired her to buy it. Maybe it was nothing more than a novelty. Perhaps a mother’s intuition. Either way, it changed my life. 

She said that all good instruments needed a name, so I spit out the first name I could think of. A name that I loved. The only girl I ever had any feelings for. A pretty red head in my 1st grade class who had never even spoken to me. I’d watch her from my desk every year, up until last, when her father got transferred to Washington and she moved unexpectedly. 

Her name was Tessa Elizabeth Rhoden, Tess for short.

Since that day, I never went a day without playing. That guitar had gotten me through some of my darkest days when I was younger, and was still comforting to me now, with all the uncertainty surrounding me. As I listened to the song inside, I closed out the world and felt myself drifting off.

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'My Next Big Thing' Blog Chain.....



Adventures of Cecilias Park Blogspot

What is the working title of your book?
'Finding Summerland', Volume 1 'The Ameryn Chronicles' 
Where did the idea come from for the book? 
I know this will sound very cliché, but it's true so I'm saying it. I dreamed about it until it finally got the best of me and I started writing it down. It would keep me up at night! 
What genre does your book fall under? 
It's a bit genre bending, but I'll try. YA, Paranormal, Supernatural, Romance sprinkled with mythology. 
How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? 
Hard to say...It was 2 years before it was complete. That wasn't all writing though. I have a 'real' job! 
What other books would you compare its story within your genre?
It has been compared to 'Twilight', which I have read and somewhat understand the comparison, although mine doesn't have vamps! Also 'The Hunger Games', which I have not read, so I'm not sure how accurate that is!

And now, I'll pass the baton to some of my writer friends that kindly agreed to participate in the blog-chain ... stay tuned to read about their Next Big Thing.

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'Finding Summerland' - Excerpt 4

Finding Summerland    
 **EXCERPT 4  
This scene is taken from the is set in a 'future' time, which will come into play later in the series. The point of this 'glimmer of Wesleys' future will become more self evident as the series progresses. To read earlier excerpts, search the tag #SampleSunday.

Taken from - Prologue
2 months after my transcendence...

This can't be happening. I thought, petrified and grief stricken. This was supposed to be a happy day. Just hours ago we were having a blast. The thought was short lived, as I hunched over, a dull ache throbbing in my side. I pulled my hand up and pushed on my rib. It felt better for a second. Then Wyatt lunged at me again.

What are you doing?” I shouted desperately. “I know you can hear me, just listen?”
He stepped back a minute and I thought I was getting through. His eyes glimmered as he studied my face, then callously, methodically shifted his glance to the wound he had just inflicted.
I expected to see remorse. Surely it must be sinking in what he'd done as he studied my red, sopping shirt. But all I saw was emptiness and rage. A bitter shadow of the person he was. My best buddy—hell bent on killing me.

This isn't what you want.” I started as he stood still for a short time. Just moments earlier he had been chasing me wildly, incoherently screaming at me about 'who he was' and 'how I had chosen this for myself'. But now he just seemed paralyzed in some twisted trance. And I knew it wasn't his fault.
I couldn't kill him. Even though I knew it was my job. After all, he had lost his humanity. I was supposed to accept that he was already a horlock. The fact that he was trying to kill me should have ended it. But it didn't. It was just too painful. Not Wyatt. Anyone but Wyatt.
He started pacing around again, waving the dagger he had taken from me in the air like a prize. I pulled off my shirt, hoping to use it to restrain him somehow. I knew, since my transcendence, my strength was remarkable. I could take him down and see if there was still time to save him.
His eyes glowed furiously when he turned and saw my chest. I glanced down to where he was staring and realized my wound had completely healed over. Their was nothing but a small, red welt where the hole had just been. One of the benefits of my Ameryn blood.

You think you're special Wes, but you are nothing. So you can heal a little scratch. When Eos gets this dagger back, he will crush you. AND your precious underwater freaks.”

I wanted to deck him. Rage boiled up inside as I fought my emotions in order to remember what I was up against, and who I was. This was new to Wyatt. He had no idea what was happening to him, or why he was being used. I should have seen the signs but I didn't. I guess I just didn't want to. I had already lost someone I loved. I just wasn't willing to see it.

This isn't the way Wyatt. Think of Katie and your family.” I said as he watched on. “He is lying to you. He doesn't want to help humanity, he only wants to rule it.”

You should have told me Wes. But you didn't.” He was coming towards me slowly. “You didn't because you just couldn't stand the thought of me being better than you. You met her and the next thing you know, you're like some superman. You get the girl and all this shit starts happening. Then, as if that isn't enough, you hide from me what I am. Why would you do that?”
I started to answer, but he was already getting in his Jeep.

Wyatt come on man,” I said coolly trying to stall him. “You can't drive right now, you're too drunk.”
He began laughing hysterically as he fumbled to get the key in the ignition. Trying 4 or 5 times before he almost got it in.

Hey, don't worry. You can keep the dagger and we'll sort all this out in the morning.” I tried to bargain.
He kept laughing like he was delirious. The stench of beer and Eos, reeking through his open lips. I was shocked when he gave up and stumbled out, leaning on my shoulder, as if he'd suddenly forgotten what was going on. He didn't say anything but let me lead him back up to the porch and ease him down on the chair. He was still, for now, and I figured the best thing to do was let him rest, and watch. 

Somehow I fell asleep sitting on the floor of the porch with Wyatt. I guess it took more out of me than I realized, getting stabbed in the rib by my best friend, then healing. I was exhausted, which was unusual since my new body was so much stronger in general. I rarely needed sleep, but apparently I did now.
I was suddenly awakened, startled up out of my sleep, to see Wyatt's Jeep pulling away. I chased after him. He wasn't driving that fast yet, and I could run like a cheetah now. It didn't take long for me to catch up. His face staring blankly out the side window at me yelling for him to stop.

He was determined to keep going, obviously on his way back to the Order to turn over his prize. I didn't even care about that now. All I could think about was getting him back to Olivia in time for her to catch and recover what ever shrinking part of him was left. And I could tell at the rate he was going, I was running out of time.
I pushed the car gently to the side, hoping to slow him down. He retaliated by pressing down hard on the gas, kicking up sand and spinning his tires. He was driving more erratic now and it was becoming dangerous for me to run along side. I decided I needed to stop the vehicle all together. If I could make it in time, before he hit the main roads, he would be safe.
I timed it just right. I knew these beach roads like the back of my hand and there was a sand dune just ahead. I gave him a shove and the jeep glided precisely into the dune. I sighed, relieved, and started my approach. But before I got to him, the jeep roared back to life and started to move. I tried to see what he was doing, but it was happening so fast I couldn't tell.
The jeep took a sharp right and the wheels started turning. Within seconds he took off, plowing straight into the only tree on the street. I ran to him, the steaming jeep caved in all around the tree trunk, the grill and front left corner smashed to shards. Wyatt was laying face down in the drivers seat.

I pulled him out, yanking him from where his leg had been pinned by the twisted metal. He was unconscious, but his head was oozing a thin, bluish blood. I cringed as I used my shirt to start dabbing it off. He really was changing. But he wasn't dead yet.
I could feel his breathing as I held him in my arms. It was faint, but it was there. I felt helpless and wished that Kai was here to help or hoped Aiya would sense I needed her and magically appear, like she sometimes did. But neither happened. I was on my own and I was lost.

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BTW...Finding Summerland...available NoW $2.99


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'Finding Summerland' - Excerpt 3

Finding Summerland
In this scene Wes is leaving school, after a long night getting a tattoo, when he runs into his friend Katie. To read earlier excerpts, search the tag #SampleSunday.

Taken from chapter 3- Normal
I started towards my car still fumbling with my things, dropping my history book as I dug into my pockets searching for my keys. As I bent down to pick it up I was startled to see Kaitlynn standing above me. She was beaming as she let out a boisterous, "Hi Wes".

I forced an equally charismatic smile and said hello back.

"Do you think you can give me a ride home today? Wyatt forgot that I rode in with Savannah."

"Or decided to leave you!" I teased.

"Wes." She protested; turning her nose up at me.

"Oh come on Katie. You know I'm kidding."

Her eyes scrunched up in a disgusted scowl, as she began packing her things into the car. We drove half way home without saying a word to each other. Kaitlynn awkwardly fidgeted with the radio knobs, trying to find some stupid song she loved that day. I couldn't help but smile.

She was such a funny girl. Since we were kids, she always had a way of making me laugh. All the guys in school were infatuated with her, but to me she would always just be Katie. Wyatt’s twin. The sister we tormented when we were younger. I still remember her having tea parties with her dolls and getting mad when we replaced her cookies with dog biscuits. It was hard to think of her as a real girl.

Now, she was captain of the cheer team, poised and beautiful. She could be with anyone. For some reason she never paid much attention to any of them. Not on a serious level at least. She had always had a thing for Channing. Now that he was gone, she seemed to be clinging to me as a substitute.

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BTW...Finding Summerland...available NoW $2.99

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'Finding Summerland'-Excerpt 2



In this scene our protagonist Wesley has gone to see his missing brothers drug dealer to get a tattoo. He feels compelled to go against his better judgement. To read earlier excerpts, search the tag #SampleSunday

Taken from Chapter 2 -Suffocate

Slipping away tonight, drifting down the highway. Ending here in the land of the lost. Maybe I just needed to feel something. Anything. I snapped my focus back to the slow burning. Jax stopped for a minute to adjust.

“This is really something Wes. Sublime.” He said as he began cutting into me again. “Channing never mentioned you were an artist.”

“I’m not,” I replied dully.

I really wasn’t. I couldn’t explain how I drew it. It was like my fingers were moving out of my control. I wasn’t even awake. But I wasn’t about to tell him that. I had learned at a young age not to say things like that. People think you’re crazy. Maybe I was.

“I was surprised to see you.” He said laughing. Admitting he was sure I was here for something a bit more extreme than some ink. “No disrespect. It’s just......well nobody could blame you.”

And with that he leaned in closer, scratching slowly through the surface as he finished drawing the outline. Figuring it would be a while, I tried to rest. I hadn’t been able to slow my mind down for days. Sleep would be a luxury.

I had always had strange dreams, but since Channing’s disappearance they had become more frequent. Sleep had become exhausting, as I was barraged by images I couldn’t understand. It felt like I was being trampled by the weight of myself, and I couldn’t escape.

Sometimes they were cryptic. Like there was some message lost in translation, waiting to be rediscovered, guiding me in deeper. Other times it was down right terrifying. Things would flash before me so fast, it would look like a blur. Colors and sounds. Abstract and absolute. A kaleidoscope of sensations I couldn’t comprehend. Those dreams would always end the same way. My breathing became labored and it felt like I was drowning; even though there was no water around. I would wake up gasping. Drenched in sweat.

I wondered if it had something to do with Channing. Maybe my subconscious playing tricks on me. My imagination taking me hostage.

A few hours ago, lying in bed, I’d had one of those dreams. After fighting my mind to relax; and forget trying to figure it out, I finally just gave up. Sitting in the darkness I grabbed the sketch I had stashed in my nightstand and stared at it, trying to unravel its meaning. That’s when I thought of Channing, and before you knew it I was here.
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BTW...Finding Summerland...available NoW $2.99

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'Finding Summerland' - Excerpt 1



This is my very first excerpt post for #SampleSunday...I am really excited to be doing this & looking forward to meeting some exciting new peeps :) I hope you enjoy................


Taken from Chapter 1 - Stained

I didn’t know how long I’d been driving, as I glanced at the upcoming highway signs through the foggy mist. It felt surreal. As if I’d been gliding on autopilot, pulled to this place somehow.

Approaching the exit, I strained my eyes to see if it was the one I’d been looking for. Must be one further. I thought as I pressed on. I kept going, picking up speed as my mind flew faster and faster. It was like I was racing myself…trying to outrun my thoughts.

Top down, the wind whipped my hair back and forth into my face, sticking to my damp cheeks. My eyes stung so I closed them for a second, relishing the rush and the freedom of it all. The air was musty and rank. Smog clung like ribbons against the lonely night sky, catching occasional flickers of headlights and casting a distorted rainbow ahead of me.

There was an exit in view that looked promising so I took it.

As I rolled to the end and turned down the forked road, I heard Channing say how stupid this was. I cranked the music up loud, drowning him out, and continued down the ominous streets, humming along and carefully scouring for signs.

Few people were out, and the ones that were, looked void and lifeless. Channing was right; I was stupid to be here, reckless and irresponsible. None of that mattered now.

The soft blue glow of neon signs illuminated the roof lines like a demented carnival. Figures blended like shadow puppets on the buildings, their hollow expressions gazing blankly outward. My senses felt heightened. I was nearly there.

Adrenaline rushed through me as the light turned red. I contemplated running it. As I sat waiting I noticed movement on the corner. Two rough looking men began coming towards my car. One had long shaggy black hair that had been oiled back into a greasy pony tail. He was wearing a yellow pullover sweater that was at least one size too small, and a pair of outdated slacks from the disco era.

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BTW...Finding Summerland...available NoW $2.99

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'Finding Summerland' Book Trailer & How To

I finally did my very own Book Trailer for 
'Finding Summerland'!

I hope you all enjoy was very fun to make and the next ones will improve, HoPeFuLlY!! Although, I feel pretty good about this one over all :) I had been researching it, and the cheapest I could find for someone to do it was $250. I am a Starving, Top Ramen Eating, Fuzzy Slippers Wearing, Indie. I figured, why can't I just do it? Everyone else manages to, so can I. Like all thing, I winged it a bit...tried following some Googled instructions...and had a little help from my friends, as they say ;) So if you are reading this and saying to yourself....'Can I do this?'....I'm here to tell you YES!!

Here are a few links that helped me start...
11-steps-to-make-your-own-book trailer

Hopefully this encourages some of you writers, and as always, hit me up if you think I can help...
I am no expert...I like to think of myself as a 'Renaissance' girl...I'm always experimenting & happy to share with others. Message me or comment if you have any feedback, questions, or just wanna chat about nonsense!! And as always, I hope you have fun here and enjoy the Trailer!!

Peace Peep

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blog Tour...My Feelings So Far!

5 days into my tour........I wanted to give you guys a 'birds eye view' of what it's like to be an indie-author doing her 1st blog tour, or tour of any kind really. So here's what I got....Hopefully this will help you other indies decide if this is for you...if you're a reader, it might give you a chuckle, or enlighten you to what happens to 'make it happen' LOL ;) In 3 days I have at least 60 new facebook fans, which is pretty good, if you've been following along you know I am totally new to all of the facebook. I'm diggin all the groovy new peeps! Lots of fun comments, feedback and conversation! So that is RaD

On the twitter, which still baffles me BTW, I have 23 followers now. It has to be due to the blog tour because I have no clue what I'm doing!!! Truthfully I think it's the facebook...which leads people to the twitter....IDK though, I think the peak is timed with 'the tour', so another plus!! 

Lots more people have added the book on goodreads, so hopefully some of them will buy it and read it!!! I feel good to see interest climbing so that is a positive. The funnest part for me so far has been seeing all the people that entered for my firstest giveaway eva!!! Last time I checked there was like 150 entries! Now, don't get me wrong...I get that it is only a freebie...who doesn't like free right?! But, the way I see it (glass full type of girl and all) it's 150 people that may have never heard of my book Yay!! That's fantastic!!!

I am really happy I had Supagurl host it for me, especially since it is my first one. It has taught me how it should look, how it works, and exposed me by default, to a bunch of other great ideas. Now that I have done this with supervision, I feel much more confident in hosting and scheduling my own tour stops, with bloggers I know. It has been a really positive thing so far.

So in closing of this little ditty....if you are an indie author considering marketing, and promotion ideas, I would recommend this as a starting point. I don't know if it's paid off in book sales, I think I've only sold 2 extra since it started, BUT...I have made great friends, gotten excellent feedback and messages, AND the best part is there are at least 150 people that now know about my Ameryn world!!! 

I will win the majority over to mermaids before it's over, you'll see!!! Mermaids are the new vampire LOL!!

 Next stops.............

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Oct. 27 - Waiting on Sunday to Drown *Review, Playlist, Giveaway
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Oct. 29 - My Seryniti *Review, Character Bio, pg 99 Test
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Comment at me if you have any thoughts....questions....or just want to chat
Peace Peeps~Paige