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'Finding Summerland' - Excerpt 6

Finding Summerland    

In this scene Wes has just agreed to throwing a party at the beach house over Spring Break with his best buddy he thinks of returning to the house (the first tine since Channing's disappearance) he begins reminiscing over his relationship with Channing, and how he and Wyatt met. To read earlier excerpts, search the tag #SampleSunday.

Taken from Chapter 5 - Reminiscent

I was actually kinda looking forward to Spring break. Even with all the people around, it might be the change I needed. Maybe there was something to what Wyatt said. I had been holding out for some unrealistic idea of love. I hadn’t really given anyone a chance. Had never let anyone get past my wall.

When Channing was around, I would hang out with him and his friends. He was always the star. That worked for us. It was enough that we were together. I could blend in while he shined. I was shy and disconnected. He had a way of drawing me out.

I didn’t start speaking until I was 4. Channing was the only one I would talk too…and never when anyone was around. My parents were sure he was making it up. They took me to all kinds of therapists, specialist, child psychologists, doctors…even psychiatrists. None of them could figure out what was 'wrong' with me.

School made no sense—nothing made sense. I had been labeled everything from dyslexic, to autistic. My mind was sharp and clear, but not in the way that was accepted. It was like being trapped in my own 'special' world. They hired me a private tutor, hoping to help me catch up. God forbid anyone discover me being different. Nothing seemed to help. It was like I was some sort of pariah. A blemish in a bastian of perfects.

I faked my way through 'mainstream' classes with help from Wyatt, and some charitable contributions from my father’s corporation, that some would have considered bribes. I was just a kid, trying to sort it all out. Not being able to talk about anything. Stuck in a world where I was expected to be larger than life, with an older brother who was.

He was my rock.

When I started school, a kid teased me for the way I talked. My stuttering never went unnoticed long and Channing knew how sensitive I was about it. He kicked his ass and gave him a bloody nose, before the kid even knew what was happening. It was that fast.

His dad threatened to sue, then mysteriously dropped the whole thing. It was rumored some of our dad’s thugs threatened him. The whole thing was outrageous of course.

That was the first of many altercations. We became a force to be reckoned with. As our reputation grew, kids stopped messing with me. They knew better. It was also how I met Wyatt. Katie was in my class and told him about what happened. She worshipped Channing like some sort of hero. All the girls did. I don’t know if it was sympathy, or if he saw me as a future ally, but he sat with me at lunch that day and we've been friends ever since.

Wyatt was popular even then.

He hadn’t grown into his looks yet, so he would get attention from pulling pranks. One time, he got suspended in 4th grade for substituting a tuna sandwich with a mix of cat food and mayonnaise in Jim Daley’s lunch. Daley still gets harassed about it to this day.

Now he was more collected. He dressed in all the latest trends, like he picked his wardrobe straight off the hottest shows and runways. He was still a joker though. Even Channing would mess with him over his tendency to assimilate. Coming from Channing that was something. They were cut from the same cloth.

This weekend was a beginning at least. I had a fresh perspective and I was willing to try something new.

Channing would love this. A weekend with some voluptuous stranger. This was for him as much as it was for me. I needed to live. Channing would want that. I still felt like he was out there somewhere. I knew how unrealistic that seemed. But I still believed it. I could feel him. 

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