Monday, May 7, 2012

About The Book

I guess I should mention, or a least give you a clue about what the book is actually about. It's a pretty complex story line—5 volumes when finished, and It could go longer, but for everything I want to include so far, 5 will do. Plus I have another series I've started outlining, so I'll be busy with that. But that's a ways off so I'll tell you about that down the road. Back to the current project.....

Being a daydreamer, I couldn't resist the urge to just unleash my imagination. And let me tell you, I have a vivid imagination! I always loved mermaids when I was little, so of course I had to center my story around that. But I've grown up some, so my dreaming is sometimes more thought provoking. My mermaids are an ancient race of inner earth dwellers, called Ameryns. They're shape shifting telepaths engaged in a shaddow war over humans, with another alien race that wishes to divide both worlds.

Volume 1 of the series, 'The Ameryn Chronicles', will be called 'Finding Summerland.' This will be the introduction to our main character Wesley, at the start of his journey, setting the stage for who he is and the world he's coming from, and Olivia, the mysterious stranger who just happens to hold his missing pieces. That's when things start getting fun, but I can't tell you too much more about that without giving something meaty away. Sorry to be a tease!

Here's a few hints....
Hollow Earth
Psychic Vampirism
Hidden worlds

Odd list you may say......but I have a wild curiousity. I stopped fighting it, and just closed my eyes and hit puree. Watching it all come together so beautifully. My own little imaginary world—starting to make sense. And why not? I'm the one creating the stories and I haven't put any rules on myself saying I can't do what I want, and I wanted all that so it's all there... that simple. We'll see how it all pans out when it's done. People might totally hate it for all I know, but I'll roll the dice. At least it will give em something to talk about. And that can never be bad!

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