Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blog Tour...My Feelings So Far!

5 days into my tour........I wanted to give you guys a 'birds eye view' of what it's like to be an indie-author doing her 1st blog tour, or tour of any kind really. So here's what I got....Hopefully this will help you other indies decide if this is for you...if you're a reader, it might give you a chuckle, or enlighten you to what happens to 'make it happen' LOL ;) In 3 days I have at least 60 new facebook fans, which is pretty good, if you've been following along you know I am totally new to all of the facebook. I'm diggin all the groovy new peeps! Lots of fun comments, feedback and conversation! So that is RaD

On the twitter, which still baffles me BTW, I have 23 followers now. It has to be due to the blog tour because I have no clue what I'm doing!!! Truthfully I think it's the facebook...which leads people to the twitter....IDK though, I think the peak is timed with 'the tour', so another plus!! 

Lots more people have added the book on goodreads, so hopefully some of them will buy it and read it!!! I feel good to see interest climbing so that is a positive. The funnest part for me so far has been seeing all the people that entered for my firstest giveaway eva!!! Last time I checked there was like 150 entries! Now, don't get me wrong...I get that it is only a freebie...who doesn't like free right?! But, the way I see it (glass full type of girl and all) it's 150 people that may have never heard of my book Yay!! That's fantastic!!!

I am really happy I had Supagurl host it for me, especially since it is my first one. It has taught me how it should look, how it works, and exposed me by default, to a bunch of other great ideas. Now that I have done this with supervision, I feel much more confident in hosting and scheduling my own tour stops, with bloggers I know. It has been a really positive thing so far.

So in closing of this little ditty....if you are an indie author considering marketing, and promotion ideas, I would recommend this as a starting point. I don't know if it's paid off in book sales, I think I've only sold 2 extra since it started, BUT...I have made great friends, gotten excellent feedback and messages, AND the best part is there are at least 150 people that now know about my Ameryn world!!! 

I will win the majority over to mermaids before it's over, you'll see!!! Mermaids are the new vampire LOL!!

 Next stops.............

Oct. 21 - My Reading Addiction *Review, Interview, Giveaway
Oct. 22 - Simply Infatuated *Guest Post
Oct. 23 - Jenn's Review Blog *Review
             - I am a Reader Not a Writer * Interview, Giveaway
Oct. 24 - Bookworm Babblings *Review
Oct. 25 - Sweet Southern Home *Character Bio, Giveaway
Oct. 26 - My Chaotic Ramblings *Character Playlist
             - What's Beyond Forks? *Review, Interview, Giveaway
Oct. 27 - Waiting on Sunday to Drown *Review, Playlist, Giveaway
Oct. 28 - The Cover (and Everything in Between) *Character Interview
Oct. 29 - My Seryniti *Review, Character Bio, pg 99 Test
             - Books & Other Spells *Interview

Comment at me if you have any thoughts....questions....or just want to chat
Peace Peeps~Paige

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